694'Marx for Today' edited & introduced by Marcello Musuto in "Socialism and Democracy"

書誌情報:Routledge, 213pages, Vol. 24, No. 3, November 2010, [issn:0885-4300]

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Musto からはすでに刊行していた雑誌 "Socialism and Democracy", Vol. 24, No. 3, November 2010 と前号(Vol.24, No.3, July 2010)掲載の 'The Formation of Marx's Critique of Political Economy: From the Studies of 1843 to the Grundrisse' を頂戴した。
"Socialism and Democracy" は The Research Group on Socialism and Democracy によって編集・刊行されている雑誌である。

Author Title
Marx for Today -
Preface -
Marcello Musto Introduction
Part 1: Re-reading Marx in 2010 -
Kevin B. Anderson Not Just Capital and Class: Marx on Non-Western Societies, Nationalism and Ethinicity
Paresh Chattopadhyay The Myth of Twenties-Century Socialism and the Continuing Relevance of Karl Marx
Michael A. Lebowitz Change the System, Not Its Barriers
George Comninel Emancipation in Marx's Early Work
Marcello Musto Revisiting Marx's Concept of Alienation
Terrell Carver Marx and the Politics of Sarcasm
Victor Wallis The "Lesser Evil" as Argument and Tactic, from Marx to the Present
Rick Wolff In Capitalist Crisis, Rediscovering Marx
Part II: Marx's Global Reception Today -
Francisco T. Sobrino Marx in Hispanic America
Armando Boito and Luiz Eduardo Motta Marx in Brazil
Paul Blackledge Marx in the Anglophone World
Jean-Numa Ducange Marx in France
Jan Hoff Marx in Germany
Gianfranco Ragona Marx in Italy
Vesa Oittinen Marx in Russia
Daping Hu Marx in China
Seongjin Jeong Marx in South Korea
Hiroshi Uchida Marx in Japan